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My name is Briana and I’m your nail Artist. I have always been an artistic person always into crafts and doing things for myself Like my hair and makeup. Since high school, I have always known I wanted to be in the beauty world, but I have always been an indecisive person always doubting and second-guessing things . you see I always need to be sure before a final decision so I can tell you I jumped through a lot of different trades before I came back and found my true passion in the nail industry. I have always had nails my claws were always done. but I had a bad habit of always changing Tech  I always felt they never do it the way I want either the shape, the thickness ( always breaking ) or the design

 So I did what everyone else does when u wanna learn something new, turned to youtube watched videos till my eyes hurt learning techniques looking at the beautiful work these queens were doing feeling inspired to do it on myself. I wasn’t learning to serve others. Flash forward a year later, The pandemic Hits I’m stuck home nothing to do, jobless might I add so with the little money I have left I decide to start buying products and tools that I need just to see if I can get good enough to make some side money you know when outside open back up.

I started practicing, and well the rest is history I discovered I had a passion for nail art, I started making creations and loved my work. All I can think and do is nails, its always on my mind I always wanna do challenging looks and I’m all about the glitter and color. 


 wanted to share my Work with the world by offering Custom press on, Get Salon finish looks right in the mail